Thursday, 31 July 2008

Watching the sun go down, a whisper in my ear, a hand in mine - mum,-Israel must be the best country in the world...
Today son number two came home all excited telling me had had carried a turtle and that they had been watching Russian hamsters ( hum) and the animal with a "chofar" on his head with their oulpan class. Being a child is so great, isn't it unfair that we have to grow up?
We've had big problems opening a bankaccount without our Israeli id's, which should arrive by mail soon. Today we called to cancel a meeting at Hapoalim when the woman taking care of said that she would be able to fix it without the téoudat zéoute.
She thinks we're idiots, We have a tourist account, changing it to an Israeli account means she will lose us as clients. since we where waiting for money comming in to our account she probably waited and refused to change the status until she got her commission paid. Now the money has arrived on our account and "taratata" the Israeli law has changed, It is now possible to change without id's. Magic. The bankworld is really rotten.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

And ten points goes to... Oulpan Akiva!
The boys came home smiling and all excited, they have learned a few words and apparently had a very good time. They are in the same class and are learning how to read and write hebrew.
Meanwhile we adults tried to open an Israeli bank account without an id card - which seems to be an impossible mission even if legally it isn't. Never mind, we'll wait a few more days.
The washing-mashine installer came this afternoon, I welcomed him as the Mashia, one week without a washing mashine is a lot with 3 kids. In the end I undressed them before serving dinner! I have now washed my first machine and put the laundry to dry, will it ever dry or is it too humid? I'll tell you tomorrow morning.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Say the word IKEA and I will puke.
5 hours yesterday, with 3 children running around touching everything, and now the livingroom filled with boxes and furniture to put together... In a sefardic couple like ours, where the man never approaches the kitchen unless it's because the woman called to say dinner is ready, I claim my right not to help with assembling the IKEA furniture, there has to be some justice even for us repressed!
This morning we registrered the children at Oulpan Akiva, they're going to follow the summer course during two weeks, it seemed to be a very nice program, they will study in the morning and play in the afternoon, and we, parents, will be able to breathe for a few hours.
It was encouraging meeting families who had survived their first year in Israel, and to see that their children where doing fine.
I am still very emotive, biting my lips when the neighbour's daughter passes buy asking if we are immigrants, wishing us welcome and good luck, or when discovering the language school with its swimmingpool and a basket ground, when an old man bends over my youngest daughter telling me she's beautiful and that she is the future of Israel...
I am proud to live here, and the feeling that we have made the right choice not only for us, but for our children is very strong. This morning when I looked through my livingroom window and watched the modern buildings of Tel Aviv I thought of the beginning, when there was only sand, only 60 years to build up all this, I'm happy that we will be a part of the comming 60!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

We had a great chabat, actually every day has been great since we arrived. The beach is absolutely faboulous, crowded, but not like we're used to on the French riviera. The boys stayed in the water for almost 4 hours, it's really very warm. I'm curious to know what the lifeguards are saying, the're talking non-stop in their microphone, sometimes screaming, I can hear words like children, outside, staright, woman etc. Probably the try to control the situation and even more probably- the majority doesn't listen...
Today we will try to find out how to register the boys to the summer oulpan, I think it starts tomorrow and it would be useful for them to participate. Our Oulpan starts only in September, until then we try to use the words we know- or the words we think we know. Friday morning I went to the local supermarket asking the lady at the butcher's to give me a nose ( af) instead of a chicken (of).

Thursday, 24 July 2008

We had a very busy day. We've bought a fridge, a washing machine and have been delivered the furniture we ordered in May.
This afternoon I went to the post office. Going to the post office is an important part when you change country. It's the place to observe people, probably because there is a beautiful "bouquet" of normal citizens.
Our post office was over-crowded. Outside the line was quite straight and not larger than two people, but once inside it worsened, the queue kind of "floated out" and people where standing everywhere. After less than two minutes the first quarrel bursted out about who was before who and before I had reached the cash desk I witnessed another two. Half of the queue where involved in each argument, giving their opinion about the order. When they wanted to know what I thought and I answered that I didn't speak Hebrew they questionned me in English. Funny, time seemed a little bit less long with this entertainement.
It's very warm, just a little less humid than in a hammam, and yes, I envy those who have AC in their bedroom.
Chabat Shalom!


Yesterday was so full of happiness that it will be kept in my memory together with the days I gave birth to my children, got converted and married.
The trip was fantastic. The plane was full of Parisian olim, singing, clapping hands, laughing, crying, hugging eachother. When we approached the Ben gOurion Airport everybody put on their "Olim Hadashim" tshirts and caps and the whole plane had a common countdown, at zero, when the wheels touched the ground the children where screaming of joy and lots of adults where crying of emotion and proud. I hope we will all sort it out here and that all of us, in a year or two will think back of this step as one of the most important steps of our lives.
The welcome ceremony was very moving and saying thank you and good-bye to the staff of the Jewish agency difficult. They have been with us for a year and half, and have accomplished their task, now they will start all over again with new families.
A Shirout took us home to our appartement in Natanya in the afternoon and we brought our 400 kilos of luggage inside.
Today we will start furnishing the appartment.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tonight is the night...

and tomorrow we will start a new life, far away from everything we're used to.
People have been passing by to say goodbye since this morning. A journalist from Maariv came and interviewed us about Israel, our life in France and our Aliyah, I cried several times, I can't control myself anymore.
We didn't have much sleep, I guess this night will be worse since we're leaving the house a 3 o'clock tomorrow morning.
We haven't said goodbye to the Rabbi yet, we save the worst for last.
Bye for now, next hello will be a shalom from Israel!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

nominated and challenged!

Kala nominated and challenged me to share my 7 favorite blogs, I'm not allowed to put Kala's Tel aviv betraktelser , because she put mine on her list. Here are my seven: Interesting, nice recepies, and a little Swedish... A good laugh, this guy is really funny I like the way she writes, it's tender The only swedish blog since I know swedish-speaking readers are a minority, this blog is a must though... I'm addicted! Love her pictures and Mia herself. Lillie is a friend, reading her blog keeps me updated between our calls, sorry-it's in Swedish...

Only six but six goodies...
My boys are back from the French Riviera, excited and a little scared of what is going to happen. Only two and a half more "sleeps" before leaving.
I can't sleep, when I turned the light off tonight and thought about our arrival I cried of happiness. My parents-in-law are with us, there is lot's of emotion in the air.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Last chabat before departure.
We've learned the lyrics of Hatikva today, even if we always sing along there are lots of humhum lalala between the keywords. As true zionists and future Israelis we thought we would feel ashame not being able to sing the national anthem...

Here is the translation:

As long as deep in the heart a Jewish soul yearns
And to towards the ends of the east
An eye is scouting for Zion
Our hope is as yet not lost
The hope that is 2000 years old
To be a free nation, in our own country
The land of Zion and Jerusalem
To be a free nation, in our own country
The land of Zion and Jerusalem

The list of things to do before leaving is getting shorter and shorter and everything, including my emotions, are under control.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Yesterdeay all future olim gathered in a synagogue in Paris and received blessings from the French (ex) chief Rabbi. The Israeli ambassador of France held a speach about Israel, Aliyah and Eldad and Ehud. He almost cried when he told us he just took down their picture from his office- wall and said he hoped we would all, soon after our arrival, be able to celebrate Guilat's homecomming- alive. For those of you who didn't know; Israel just swopped 199 bodies of terrorists and Kuntar ( who killed a family, smashed a 4 year old girl's head on a rock until she died) against two dead bodies. The game was awful, the families of the abducted soldiers didn't know for sure, until they saw the coffins that their sons were dead.
Well, the cermony in the synagogue was very moving, people where crying of joy and pain, there where those who where leaving and those who where left.
Like an alzheimer affected I had moments of lucidity when I realized that it's actually our aliyah and for seconds I felt euphoria.
Few people have the opportunity in life to realize a dream. I have often dreamt incredible things like winning ten million euros, buying the most beautiful house with a marvellous seaview or being able to fly. In the end I always wake up, disapointed, thinking it was too perfect to be true.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Briefing at the JA.
We have recieved the plane tickets for next week, and in our passports there are Visas valid until december. A few days after our arrival we will recieve our Israeli ID card.
I was happy to find another family with children who is moving to the same part of Natanya as we are, perhaps my oldest son will be in the same class as their's. I guess it will be esaier to have someone to talk to in the beginning and less scary the first day if there is another boy as nervous as mine in the same school.
The group of future Olim is mixed. There are religious, seniors and young families, all excited, exhausted, nervous and happy. Some of them are moving there for religious reasons and have chosen Jerusalem, others have retired and are moving to Ashdod or Eilat while the third part believes in Israel as country and are settling down in the Central part in towns like Raanana and Natanya.
Tonight we will all meet up in a Synagogue in Paris where we will recieve blessings from the ex chief rabbi of France and listen to the speech of the Israeli ambassador.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

We had a wonderful chabat, only one more in France and then we will celebrate chabat in Israel!
I feel very calm but I must be nervous because I'm covered with spots, I look like wrinkeled teen-ager.
The goodbye part has started, we can't leave without saying goodbye so the comming week we're going out every night with friends and relatives.
I wish I'd have something more interesting to write but we're still on stand-by.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

The boy's are now in the south, at their granparent's place.
Yesterday I bought another two bags, packed them and feel satsified, like I'm done.
You know the last day on holiday, when you've packed everything, put on your "normal clothes" and pass by the swimmingpool or the beach and watch the others doing what you've been doing for two weeks. Remember how strange it feels and how different the atmosphere is comparing to the day before?
That is an exact description of my inner feelings...

Monday, 7 July 2008

The sun rises, and goes down- 15 days...

Friends and family are leaving for holidays and I do everything I can to avoid saying good-bye.

I hate that word and tell everyone I'll pass by before leaving. It feels very strange, I know everything will continue here, that people and life will go on without us, that we have chosen such a different path comparing to others. As I'm very tired and probably look like shit lots of people ask me if I have changed my mind, if I regret my choice. I just say no, how could I explain how sure I am about our decision? It's insane, we have no house, we've sold almost everything we had and I feel absolutely nothing about it. The fact is that we're already gone, both me and my husband left a long time ago and are now in the departure longue watching the minute hand moving.

My oldest son had a few difficult days last week. He was sad leaving his school and worried about saying goodbye to his friends ( just like myself ) Staying at our cousin's place is great, he spends his days playing with his cousins and shows no signs of anxiety.

Friday, 4 July 2008

We have sold our house, and recieved the money.
Everything is in boxes and bags.
Chabat is soon here and we will have some rest.
I'm so tired and so excited on the same time.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Last night in my bed, in our house, on our street... I'm so tired I just realized it. We have had a tough day. The boy's farwell party...we counted on sunshine since we have no furniture or games left ...of course it rained the whole afternoon. We made them play bowling inside, volleyball in the livingroom and gave them lots and lots of chips, sodas and sweets. They had a great time!
We're almost done, I think I will need 4 hours tomorrow morning and then I will try to relax.
Tonight on the news they talk about Jerusalem, it makes me out of my mind - every time there is a truce they start killing innocent people in suicide attacks, even if this man didn't blow himself up he continued until someone else did.
I feel no fear , only anger. Maybe I will be afraid in Israel after terror attacks, just like I was afraid to take the train into Paris the day after the St Michel bombing in -95.
The aim of these idiots is to sow the seeds of fear in every innocent mind, to make you feel insecure taking the train, the subway, the plane, going shopping in crowded places, visiting monuments like the Eiffel Tower or go abroad.
The best way to fight terrorism is to refuse cooperating, refuse the fear, continue to live as normally as possible because we all have the right to live in our own country without being afraid of getting killed by a bastard who doesn't beleive in the same G*d as we do.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I am desperatley

calling BREE!!!

I need some coaching, it's neverending, I'm fed up with "things" on the table, in the bathroom, under the bed and we don't have enough bags for packing and we don't have enough time and tomorrow it's going to rain (see previous posts) !
The aupair left this morning, next time I'll se her it will be in Israel.